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Our team of pathologists represent the various pathology subspecialties across both the clinical and research sectors. In addition to their research investigational interests, they also espouse the urgency of a clinical pathologist. Each of our pathologists are encouraged to explore their interest areas and formulate services that benefit our clientele. Please contact us for a consultation with our pathologists.


Mark Kockx, MD, PhD. Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Kockx founded Histogenex Laboratories in 2001. At the University of Antwerp, Belgium, Dr. Kockx pioneered methodologies to elucidate apoptotic and cytostatic response of cancer patients after treatments with targeted therapies. His subsequent collaborations with global pharmaceutical companies led to the founding of Histogenex Laboratories.

Dr. Kockx is an internationally recognized pathologist-scientist who has operated on the forefront of personalized medicine developments. He continues to lead initiatives to standardize biomarker analysis practices in addition to adapting novel technologies. Dr. Kockx has been extensively involved with the clinical trials that led to the approval of well-known targeted therapies such as EGFR, BRAF and MEK inhibitors. His current passions are two fold. He is introducing practices and workflows for next generation IHC, combining innovations of multiplex staining, quantification and image capture. He has also developed an Immunomics program, a state of the art biomarker program that supports the evolving and numerous needs of immunotherapy development.

Hassina DjedaimiHassina Djedaimi, M.D. Hassina Djedaimi has been a recognized pathologist since 2015 and currently works in Histogenex's pathology department. She has a strong background of skin and gynecological pathology. Previously, she worked in UZBrussel where she examined thousands of slides of breast and digestive pathology and regularly performed autopsies.



Dirk Hendriks PharmD, PhD., Clinical Pathologist, Founder, Chief Financial Officer & Director of Strategic Business Development Dr. Dirk Hendriks provides supportive services for clinical pathology. In addition, as the Head of the Commission of Clinical Pathology at the University of Antwerp, he heads the training program for clinical pathology students in training. He maintains an active lecturing schedule covering medical biochemistry, hematologic pathophysiology , clinical pathology and laboratory management. At the University of Antwerp, Professor Hendriks has a track record in the discovery of novel fibrinolytic mechanisms and the development of drugs for the treatment of thrombo-embolic diseases.

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Monika Lamba Saini, M.D., Ph.D. Monika Lamba Saini, MD, PhD is a pathologist-scientist with proven skills in microscopy and diagnosis of benign and malignant diseases of different organs, with special interests in thyroid, breast and soft tissue. She comes with extensive experience in molecular pathology and research as she worked on molecular profiling of different types of thyroid carcinoma for her PhD at the Université catholique de Louvain, Brussels, Belgium. Her research interests center on signal transduction pathways, cancer biology, immunobiology and digital pathology. She is a member of professional organizations like ASCO, EORTC Head and Neck Group, and ESMO.  She is  the author, co-author and peer reviewer of many national and international scientific publications, and an invited speaker at  various international platforms. 

MiriamMiriam Marichal, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Marichal is emeritus Professor of Pathology at Free Brussels University (VUB) and former Head of the Department of Pathology at VUB-University Hospital. During her academic career, she was responsible for the courses in General and in Surgical Pathology to graduate medical and biomedical students and for the postgraduate training of residents in pathology. Dr. Marichal has published several articles in the fields of pathology, diabetes, islet cells and transplantation. She has a particular interest in endocrine-, gastrointestinal- and uro-pathology. Dr. Marichal has served many years in the Executive Committee of the European Society of Pathology. 

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Emil Nakov M.D., Anatomic Pathologist Dr. Emil Nakov works in HistoGeneX's clinical pathology department. His area of expertise is in oncopathology, examining samples from the breast, the lung, and the urogenital and gastrointestinal systems. He also specializes in neuroendocrine pathology. Previously, Dr. Nakov previously worked in the Department of Clinical Pathology in the Military Medical Academy of Bulgaria. He has examined thousands of biopsy and cytology slides and regularly performed intraoperative express examinations and autopsies.

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Schneck Mary 2 previewMary Schneck, M.D. Dr. Mary Schneck is a pathologist in Hinsdale, Illinois and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Adventist Glen Oaks Hospital and Adventist Hinsdale Hospital. She received her medical degree from Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and has been in practice for more than 20 years.


Dr Vallera Headshot Edit 1 2 previewDino Vallera, M.D. Dr. Vallera attended the University of Chicago, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in the Biological Sciences. He earned his medical degree at the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine, where also completed a residency in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology. Following residency, he completed a Fellowship in Cytopathology and Fine Needle Aspiration pathology at the University of Illinois Medical Center with Dr. Richard Mac DeMay. Dr. Vallera has been in private practice at Adventist Hinsdale and La Grange hospitals, Adventist Glen Oaks and Adventist Bolingbrook hospital. He has been Regional Medical Director of the Adventist Midwest Laboratories since 2006. He has also served in many leadership roles for the Medical Staff, and is currently serving as President of the Medical Staff for AMITA Adventist Medical Centers, Hinsdale and La Grange. 

PeterVPeter Vermeulen, MD, PhD., Surgical Pathologist Dr. Peter Vermeulen spans histological and molecular technologies and has authored nearly 200 publications. Peter will lead our Patho-Imaging laboratory section and will also serve as a Principle Investigator for various studies. He is certified in multiple subspecialities and has deep clinical (especially breast cancer) and research (especially tumor vascularization) experience.



Walter Verstrepen PharmD, PhD., Clinical Pathologist Dr. Walter Vestrepen provides supportive services for our molecular pathology offering. In addition he heads the molecular pathology department at ZNA (ZeikenhuisNetwerk Antwerpen). Dr. Verstrepen previously held positions at the University of Antwerp in the department of Nephrology. He conducted research on growth factor expression and has served as an investigator in clinical trials.


Wim Waelput, MD, PhD., Molecular Pathologist (Expertise: Digital Pathology & Imaging) Dr. Wim Waelput is our resident pathologist who carries a deep interest in digital pathology and imaging. He has accumulated a large body of research and clinical experience through the university hospitals in the Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent). In addition to reviewing and scoring novel biomarkers in histopathology, Dr. Waelput has invented digital pathology solutions that greatly facilitate acquisition, management, analysis and collaboration of tissue images. HistoGeneX has implemented these solutions as part of its research and clinical trial services. 

FouadFouad Al Zouhbi, M.D. Dr. Fouad is an anatomic pathologist from Syria, working in HistoGeneX's clinical pathology department since November 2017. His areas of expertise include oncopathology, ENT pathology and Hematopathology. Dr. Fouad previously worked from 2015-2017 in the UCL Saint-Luc university Hospital in Brussels. He also has previous experience as chief of pathology in Sudia Arabia and assistant pathologist in Brugmann university hospital in Brussels.