Immunomics - Powering Your Immunotherapy Development


PDL-1 IHC immunostain on lung cancer biopsy

Science magazine named cancer immunotherapy the scientific breakthrough of 2013. The discovery that tumor cells can commandeer checkpoint receptors on immune cells to render them inactive has catalyzed intense research on the interplay between the immune system and cancer cells.

The list of checkpoint receptors has expanded along with the need to characterize tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs).

HistoGeneX is involved in multiple global clinical trials assessing checkpoint receptors and providing immunoscores tumor -infiltrating entities (TIEs)

Furthermore, HistoGeneX has developed its Immunomics program to deepen the understanding of profiling tumor cells and its microenvironmemt. It consists of:

  • Validated IHC and mRNA ISH assays for multiple checkpoint receptors
  • IHC and molecular assays to interrogate and phenotype TILs and TIEs
  • Quantitative image analyses to describe and enumerate morphological features
  • Expert immunologists, hematopathologists and the latest digital pathology and imaging techniques and platforms.

For more information about our Immunomics program, please contact us. We invite you to partner with us to develop solutions to power your immunotherapy programs.