AcH3 IF mouse skin untreated and treated

Acetylated Histone H3 Immunofluorescent Mouse Skin Staining Pre and Post Treatment

HistoGeneX is serving the emerging epigenetics drug development clients through a partnership with MDx Health. The collaboration enables HistoGeneX to combine its well-established pharmaco diagnostic services with MDx's Health epigenetic technologies to provide integrated molecular diagnostic and biomarker testing services to pharmaceutical companies and oncologists. HistoGeneX's laboratory in Belgium will also perform MGMT service testing on behalf of MDxHealth's current and future clients.

The identification and validation of epigenetic biomarkers are playing an increasingly important role in the development process of new compounds and companion diagnostics. This collaboration with MDxHealth enables HistoGeneX to introduce epigenetic testing technologies to pharmaceutical and oncology drug developers. This includes combining efforts with MDxHealth's next-generation sequencing capabilities to discover effective individualized epigenetic-based diagnostic and personalized therapeutic products.

 Contact us for more information on the proprietary MGMT methylation test, and exploring the HistoGeneX-MDxHealth epigenetic platform for your clinical trial or project.