PanCK/CD8 at HistoGeneX

Previously, we shared how we assess infiltrating T cells in the tumor micro-environment (TME) using our universal immune cell scoring algorithm (UICS). In this issue, we discuss a dual immunostain that greatly facilitates this assessment. Our PanCK-CD8 assay is a validated, fully-automated IHC double stain assay that clearly demarcates the position of CD8-expressing T cells.

CD8PanCK 1

In addition to the UICS algorithm, which is performed by our pathologists, we conduct a single section topological analysis (SSTA), an automated image analysis method developed by our imaging scientists. In this method, the PanCK biomarker can be used to generate an epithelial carcinoma mask in the annotated tumor region and provide the tumor-stroma ratio. The relative surface area of CD8-positive TILs can then be measured in both stromal and epithelial (carcinoma nests) compartments. These analyses are measured for both the invasive margin, where available, and within the center of the tumor.

CD8PanCK 2

UICS and SSTA are complementary techniques, each providing unique insights into the immune phenotype of a tumor. With UICS, our pathologists provide deeper insights into the CD8 heterogeneity of the tumor, and with SSTA, our imaging scientists layer crucial quantitative data to your study. Together, they provide a comprehensive assessment when scoring immune cells. These exploratory methods are potentially valuable for immuno-oncology clinical development therapeutics. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.