Conserving Lung Tissue Specimens

Perhaps Even up to Half the Amount?

Do you find it challenging to conserve specimens for comprehensive lung cancer testing? We would like to update you on a new molecular tool we have just validated.

At HistoGeneX, we routinely receive lung cancer patient specimens from regional hospitals. We subject these FFPE patient cases to a test regimen (as requested by originating physicians) with the following slide requirements.

Specimen Conservation 1

This is a heavy specimen cost and often unachievable given how small lung cancer specimens can be. Our Molecular team decided to try out the Archer FusionPlex assay that contains 36 genes that are commonly mutated in lung and thyroid cancers. Here's how the lineup looks now.

Specimen Conservation 2

The panel intelligently assesses mutations, fusions, and copy number variations (CNV). We like that fusions with unknown partners are covered. We also like that extra depth is provided for certain CNVs (e.g. EGFR amplification). With this format, we derive the same information and we consume much less specimen. The diagram below illustrates this simplification and potential 50% specimen conservation. In a future HistoBlast, we will discuss our assay validation process. Meanwhile, if you're eager, we can send out our validation summary. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specimen Conservation 3