Next Generation Immunohistochemistry

Welcome to next generation IHC at HistoGeneX.

A Steadfast Technology, now powerfully updated.HistoGeneX Laboratories embraces the challenges and benefits of IHC. We rigorously consider pre-analytic, in process analysis and post-analysis variables to anticipate impact of these conditions to your clinical trial and research projects. These are carefully integrated into our IHC assay development and validation programs.

Consider placing your IHC projects at HistoGeneX for these reasons:


Several hundred assay development projects and IHC clinical trials, including multiple global Phase III projects.

Pre-analytical Expertise.

Our team has seen the gamut of processing and fixation variables. We anticipate these for your clinical trials. These findings have led to product development of our intelligent collection system  – a revolutionary technology that controls and monitors pre-analytical variables.

Diversity & Redundancy. 

We understand that strategic and economic drivers guide development needs. At HistoGeneX, the market leader automated platforms are available for your selection and development plans. This offering allows you to harmonize your strategic and development objectives. Our partnership agreements with each diagnostic company conveys numerous operational and legal efficiencies to you.

Collaborative & Transformative Technology.

HistoGeneX evolves and adopts next generation IHC-related technologies that are efficiently adapted to a clinical trial workflow. These include multianalyte IHC, and high-resolution whole slide photography.

Bridging beyond IHC.

Gain more from your IHC assays through our correlative work with clinical, molecular, histological and immunophenotypic findings.

Clear, Concise & Constant Transparency. 

IHC assays are arguably more complicated compared to other technologies. Our project management process accounts for this. The only surprise we want you to have are delightful ones.