How We Analyze


The information-rich environment of tissue can be extracted through well-developed imaging tools. HistoGeneX has created a broad portfolio of tools to capture the events and entities that matter to your development program. As needed, HistoGeneX will develop customized algorithms.

There are numerous variable to control during the imaging process. These variables may have biological, technological or user sources. To capture the evolving methodologies and technologies as we learn to manage these variables, our processes are guided by documented procedures (e.g. DM.IQ.7 is used for estimating % nuclear, cytoplasmic and membrane stains).

While we use validated software packages from companies like Definiens, we operate on a open platform. Imaging companies frequently confer with us due to our success in deploying these services in both research and clinical trial settings.

Image Analyses Capabilities:

  • Measurement of tumor areas and scoring of various cell types (e.g. immune cells) on H&E slides.
  • Scoring methods on digital images that include various stereological techniques e.g. for blood vessels. (Combining digital grids with digital images to manually enumerate points that fall on the target structures to estimate the number, area and eventually volume of the target cells or structures)
  • Measurement of nuclear and immune cell markers in clinical trials
  • Cytoplasmic and membrane analysis in xenograft tumor cells for research applications
  • Multiplex analysis of immunofluorescence stains, including immunoprofiling, an increasingly indispensable activity for immuno-oncology development.