mRNA In Situ Hybridization


HistoGeneX has extensively evaluated the new RNAscope® (ACD) nucleic acid in situ hybridization technology. This method is now valid for use on FFPE cell preparations at HistoGeneX and can be requested for any target of interest to be determined in your cells.

The precision and robustness of the assay are validated using housekeeping genes of low, medium and strong expression in HeLa cells. Housekeeping genes are used on your specimens to determine whether the RNA is intact. 

To support the validation of this methodology for your specific target of interest we verify accuracy of the used probes on pre-selected control cell lines.

All information are documented (including images) in a validation report and the final protocol is locked and described in a SOP.


The approach for validation of this methodology on FFPE tumor tissue samples is in line with our standard protocols however; the technology requires custom validation to fine tune the procedure to the needs of your specific specimens. When you approach us for your mRNA ISH assay, your specimens will be tested during the assay optimization phase. The results from the assay optimization phase will determine whether further validation steps are required. These additional requirements vary according to the needs of your specimens.


PPIB Housekeeping Gene in NSCLC FFPE tumor