The in situ hybridization technology offers a rich set of morphological detail however, it is typically quite a labor-intensive process. At HistoGeneX, we have assembled a chain of semi-automated equipment to standardize this process as effectively as possible.



ISH-platform3 copy 



Abbott VP2000.
Semi-automation of FISH assays                  
ThermoBrite Heating Chamber. 
In situ hybridization assays are performed on
an automated system with hybridization steps on calibrated heating modules 
Ventana Benchmark XT.
SISH assays are performed
on the automated system Benchmark XT
(Ventana, Roche) which can handle up to 30 slides in one run 

Evaluation and quantification of FISH signals is carried out using Zeiss Axioplan microscopes and BioView system (BioView Ltd) with motorized stages ensuring accurate imaging of your specimens. All equipment has been qualified extensively and is submitted to regular quality checks. After each intervention, instruments are re-qualified before release. Chromogenic ISH stained slides are captured using high-resolution whole slide digital imaging.