Vimentin and E-Cadherin on a Xenograft

CD138 (green) FoxP3 (red) on Tonsil

CD3 (green) CD45 (red) on Tonsil

CD8 and Ki67 on CRC

pS6 IF on Germinal Matrix Eyelash

CD3 (green) FoxP3 (red) on Tonsil

Quadruple IF CD31and CD34 (red) Podoplanin (green) Smooth Muscle Actin (cyan) on Tonsil

Quadruple IF CD31 and 34 (red) Podoplanin (green) Smooth Muscle Actin (cyan) on Gastric Carcinoma

Quadruple IF CD31and CD34 (red) Podoplanin (green) Smooth Muscle Actin (cyan) on CRC

CD31 (green) Smooth Muscle Actin (red) on CRC

CD31 (red) Podoplanin (green) on Tonsil

Thioflavine S aggregate in mouse brain cortex

Triple IF CD31 (red) Podoplanin (green) Ki67 (purple) on Tonsil

Triple IF CD31 (red) Podoplanin (green) Ki67 (purple) on CRC

Revolutionizing IHC


  • Interrogate multiple targets on a single slide
  • Obtain quantitative results
  • Deliver actionable results
  • Leverage tissue content to design and deploy intelligent clinical trials

IHC offers invaluable morphological content. Yet, its current single analyte approach limits its utility especially when tissue specimens are rare or very limited. Further, multiple IHC tests may accrue additional costs and time.

By leveraging the latest technology, HistoGeneX has developed a practical workflow that can be deployed for oncology clinical trials to obtain invaluable content from a patient specimen. Experience these benefits:

  • Maximum use of scarce tissue specimens or minimally available specimens
  • Single view, multi analyte information integration for cohesive understanding of mechanistic pathways
  • Increased visualization of multi-analyte intra-tumor (tumor microenvironment and tumor regions) response(s) to candidate therapeutic
  • Detailed capturing of cellular infiltrations and associated activation status
  • Development of panel specific multi-analyte IHC and IF biomarker assays e.g. for assessing immune response to support immunotherapy drug development
  • Quantitative data for correlative biostatistics

Our research objective is to develop a standardized work flow of multi-analyte IHC/IF and imaging that can be seamlessly utilized for clinical research and clinical trials.

Contact us for further details to discuss a next generation IHC protocol that may be used for your clinical trial or exploratory study.